The Classics

The Route


The route through Belgium, The Netherlands and France is divided into 16 cycling stages. In addition you have 3 rest days in Oudenaarde, Maastricht and Paris, plus one travel day. This makes a total of 20 days.
The five Classics - which normally have a distance between 200 and 260 kilometers - have been divided over two days. The start and finish places of the different Classics are linked together with a few cycling stages; only for the distance between Liège and Paris we organize transport. 
The stages have an average length of 112 kilometres, depending on the course and the location of hotels. We have set up the tour in a way that you stay several nights in the same hotel to minimize luggage handling and to maximize the comfort of a pleasant stay.
At the start in Brussels you get a detailed tour guide with all kind of background information about the tour. Next to do that gets everyone daily a map and a brief description of the route. 
A GPS which has the option to upload files is essential and very helpful to find the correct way through the tangle of roads in this heavy populated area of Europe.