La Grande Boucle des Pyrénées

Frequently Asked Questions


Who is the tour aimed at ? 
The tour is aimed at individuals who want to challenge themselves. It's definitely a challenge to cycle the whole distance between Nice in France and Barcelona in Spain. But the tour is also meant for the people who like to travel by bicycle through the beautiful French Provence and the Pyrenees. It is not a problem if you take a seat some days in the supporting vehicles. If you like the challenge or if you prefer more the journey through the mountains, you are both welcome in "La Grande Boucle des Pyrénées". 
Am I capable of doing this ? 
If you are in good health, love a challenge and enjoy cycling, you are capable of completing "La Grande Boucle des Pyrénées". We average 115 km per day and you can ride at your own pace. You will be served lunch at the mid-point of each day's ride, and our crew are always available to assist you if you are having difficulties of any kind. On any day when you don't feel up to biking, you can also catch a ride on one of our support vans. 
Before you start
What about insurance ?
You are responsible for obtaining health and travel insurance, including emergency rescue. Further information will be given in the brochure. Individuals without proper insurance will not be allowed to participate.
On the Tour
Where do cyclists stay and sleep ? 
During "La Grande Boucle des Pyrénées" we camp in well equipped campsites that provide many creature comforts. The first day in Nice and the last day in Barcelona you stay in a hotel. 
At several campsites you have the possibility to rent a bungalow or site caravan at own expense. The campgrounds are most of the time on the outskirts of cities on our route. 
What will I eat ? 
On biking days, our cook will prepare four meals. We know how important food is on a trip like this. You will be treated to generous portions of food that will be a combination of regional recipes and meals made from local ingredients as well as some of the cook's specialties. We will also provide energy bars, clean water and an energy boosting beverage.
Everyone is of course free to explore and sample the culinary hot spots along the way. We believe eating the French and Spanish cuisine is part and parcel of the journey. 
For those with dietary restrictions and/or ferocious appetites, you need not be concerned. We take all this in consideration when preparing your meals. You may go to sleep exhausted, but never hungry.
Who will carry my equipment ?
Support vehicles will carry your personal items including tent, sleeping bags, camping gear and spare parts. In addition, support vehicles will also carry such items as food, water, kitchen equipment and emergency medical items. While riding, you only have to carry some basic tools, a spare tube, water, and a snack. 
What kind of weather should I expect ?
The start of summer guarantees some warm, even hot, cycling days in the middle of the Provence. If you come closer to the Pyrenees the weather conditions can always be unsettled. The circumstances can become heroic if you reach altitudes around or above 2.000 metres. Keep in mind that the temperatures can drop significantly in the higher parts of the Pyrenees and at the summit of the Mont Ventoux. It is not uncommon that we get some rain showers along the way. On a whole, we expect to have good weather for cycling.
Road conditions
What is the terrain like ?
"La Grande Boucle des Pyrénées" is all together 2000 kilometer which is divided into 17 cycling days. An average of around 115 kilometers. You can except almost every day some serious climbing. 
What kind of bike should I use ?
The bike is without doubt the most important part of your equipment. The tour can be completed on any kind of bicycle as long as it is entirely human powered. The route is paved all the way. Road bikes are the most efficient way to cover the distance, but hybrids, mountain bikes and trekking bikes might be more comfortable. It's very personal which bicycle you prefer. Enough gears, strong legs and common sense, and you can do the job.
I don't want to cycle, but can I still come ?
Yes, there is a limited number of places for people who like to join "La Grande Boucle des Pyrénées", but don't like to cycle. You can take part in the organization around the cyclists and join the other staff with their daily activities like setting up campsites, providing the meals, visit local markets, etcetera.
What to bring
What do I need to bring along ?
Detailed information will be sent in the brochure.