Bike-Dreams : The Andes Trail
The Andes Trail

The Route


The route has been divided into 109 cycling stages and 31 rest days. The cycling days will have in general the same schedule : a start early in the morning to cycle the distance at your own speed to the next place. 

The stages have an average length of 100 kilometres, depending on the course, the conditions of the roads and the locations of the next suitable accommodation. Everyone gets daily a detailed description of the route.
At the start in Quito you get an extensive tour guide with background information about the route.

The rest days give you the possibility to visit the cultural highlights of South-America, but keep in mind that "The Andes Trail" is definitely not a tourist trip. It's a demanding bicycle expedition with a total distance of 11,000 km where scenic routes and traffic calm roads have been chosen. The tough stages, the long-term stay at high altitudes and the extreme weather conditions make "The Andes Trail" to a real challenge.
Taking into account the accommodation, "The Andes Trail" can be roughly divided into two sections. You stay during the first half of the tour - in Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia - mainly in hotels. Sometimes we make a bush camp, even on high altitudes. The second part of the tour - in Argentina and Chile - you stay mostly at campsites or in a temporary camp along the road. A comfortable hotel is waiting for you than occasionally. You will stay in total minimal 60 nights in a hotel accommodation.